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In the land where flight began try flying over the water on a battery powered hydrofoil. Efoil OBX LLC offers a 1 hour semi private lesson on the Waydoo Flyer One Efoil. After a short ground school and safety talk you and your coach will go out into the Currituck Sound and begin learning how to ride and operate the efoil. All participants must be in good physical condition. Available to book one or two boards. Must be 15 or older.

  • Up to 2 people per lesson
  • Must be in good physical condition
  • Included: life jacket, helmet, and foot protection
1-hour semi-private lesson $150
1-hour 2 person lesson $300
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Will I get wet?

Yes, from the very start there is a short walk out to deep water.

Will I fall off?

Yes during the normal progression of learning many wipeouts are expected.

Do I need to be able to swim.

Yes the water is 5 to 10 feet deep

What do I need to bring with me?

Pack like you are going to the beach for a few hours. Helmets, PFD’s and water shoes are provided.

Can I bring my own water shoes?

Yes you can as long as they have soft soles and will stay on when you wipe out

Do I need to know how to ride before I show up?

No, our coaches will demonstrate and help you progress to your first flights. Balance, being stoked, and excited are essential. Some types of board skills ie: snowboard, skateboard, balance board, windsurfer, wakeboarders, regular surfer or kiteboarders have an easier time getting the hang of it.

1314 Duck Road Duck, NC 27949
252-261-2900 (Watersports Info)
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