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Hobie Getaway

hobie getaway

Our most popular rental, these 17′ catamarans have a boom-less main, a roller furling jib, wing seats and a forward trampoline for comfort. The Getaway offers fun and fast sailing for crews of 2-4 adults!

Main & Jib – 2-4 crew
First hr $95
Additional hr $65
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Hobie Wave

hobie wave

The Hobie Wave, our 14 foot catamaran, is simple and fun to sail! It sports a single sail with no boom and crews 1-3 people. Easy to sail and super fun, this is the best option if you’re used to Sunfish and other small dinghies.

Main only – 1-3 crew
First hr $75
Additional hr $55
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Flying Scot

flying scot

The Flying Scot 19′ day sailor, sloop rigged with a jib and main, comfortably handles a crew of 2-6 adults. These boats have been a mainstay in our rental and instructional fleet since we first opened in 1979! Come sail the Nor’Banks Classic!

Main & Jib – 2-6 crew
First hr $95
Additional hr $65
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Sailing Instruction

Sailing Instruction

Our private sailing lessons are for anyone interested in experiencing sailing! Great for families or for students looking to refresh their skills, learn/practice a new skill, try out a new boat and for just about any other reason they would like to learn more about sailing. Up to 3 participants on a Getaway. Up to 5 on a Flying Scot.

First hr $175
Additional hr $115
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Topcat K2X

The new Topcat K2X is our fastest catamaran and the most exciting sail for advanced sailors. The German built K2X has a similar rig to the Getaway with wings and a boom-less main and the addition of light and sleek hulls, and extra sail area. Recent sailing experience required. Main and jib. Crews 2-4.

First hr $105
Additional hr $75
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Sailing FAQs
What types of boats do you have?

We have 19’ Flying Scot daysailers, 17’ Hobie Getaways and 14’ Hobie Waves.

Which boat is best for me and my group?

The Getaway is best for experienced sailors who want an exciting sail. It’s super fun to sit out on the wings, but that does make it a more acrobatic sail, as you have to crawl across the trampoline, under the sail and up onto the opposite wing when coming about. Up to three people can take this for a lesson.

The Flying Scot has remained basically unchanged since it was first built in 1957. With bench seating built into the deck, it’s a little more comfortable and a less acrobatic sail than the Getaway. Even if you have limited experience, when the conditions are light the Wave is your best option. Up to five can take this for a lesson.

In higher winds, the Wave is an energetic sail for experienced sailors and a blast to fly a hull.

Where can we sail and what are the boundaries?

We don’t have strict boundaries, but rather some geographical and common sense limitations based on the conditions. We always sail within line of site due to the rapidly changing weather, and so that we can see and assist you if you have an issue.

We ask that you stay up wind and south of the islands to the North to avoid the shallow water. We recommend that you avoid sailing in the WaveRunner Area for an extended period of time.

I grew up sailing a Sunfish . . . do you have those?

No Sunfish, but you’ll like the Hobie Wave even better! It has a single sail and no clunky low boom to smack your head on.

Can we bring our own life jackets?

Yes! You may use your own life vest as long as it is Coast Guard approved. Please see our staff in the office for life vest approval before heading out on the water.

Can I sail if you don’t have any experience?

We do require you to have some prior sailing experience in order to take out a boat on your own. If you don’t, then consider taking a sailing lesson with one of our awesome instructors.

How long does it take to learn to sail?

This is different for everyone, but if you define “learning to sail” as acting as skipper of your own small boat, we recommend at least three two hour lessons. If you have not sailed before, we strongly recommend making your first lesson two hours instead of one. We will offer a discounted rate for multiple days of instruction.

How much should I tip my instructor?

15-20% is customary and much appreciated.

What are your wind limitations?

Up to around 15 MPH we are good to go! When the wind starts to gust higher than 15 MPH we restrict sailing to those with recent (within the past year) experience. Do not hesitate to give us a call to check on wind conditions in our area.

We cannot operate when the wind is sustained over 20.

I know you said you’re closed for sailing, but I’m comfortable in higher wind. . . can I sail today?

We have strict weather parameters to ensure that we can rent safely. While certain conditions may be feasible for an experienced individual on their own vessel, we have to be more proactive when it comes to limiting our rental activity. We cease rentals when the wind is sustained over 20mph and we do not rent with storm cells in the area or a high likelihood of inclement weather. Other conditions such as wind direction and wave height may also play into our decision.

Is my child allowed on the sailboat?

Absolutely, just remember that there is often a chance of capsize. In some conditions (and based on your experience) it may be important that your child is comfortable in the water and will not panic.

We want to make sure we’re setting your kids up for sailing success and those early sailing memories are important! We’ll be honest with you if we don’t think it will be a good idea.

Can I put more than four on a Getaway?
2-4 will be the optimal crew on a Getaway for good sailing, but the manufacturer lists the Getaway capacity as 6 people or 1000 pounds, whichever is lower.

Can I sail the Getaway without the Jib?

The Getaway does not sail well without the jib. There are other ways to spill wind and depower using the traveler, but if you’re not comfortable sailing with a jib, you’re not going to be able to effectively sail the Getaway.

Are your boats handicapped accessible?

Strictly speaking, no they’re not. We are more than happy to facilitate in whatever way we can as long as we deem it safe to do so. Feel free to discuss specifics with a manager.

Can I sail a Getaway or a Scot single-handed (alone)?

Typically we discourage it and recommend a Wave, but if someone has considerable experience and the wind is on the lighter side (sustained at 13mph or less) we can allow it.

Can I use a trapeze on any of your boats?

While we don’t have trapeze rigs and harnesses available for our catamarans, our Getaways all have wings. Wings are outrigger seats that make it fun and easy to get out over the water.

Where can I rent Windsurfing Equipment?

Ocean Air Sports in Avon.

Where can I learn to Kiteboard?

We recommend Corolla Kiteboarding and Outer Banks Kiting in Rodanthe.

1314 Duck Road Duck, NC 27949
252-261-2900 (Watersports Info)
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