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Jet Ski Tours & Rentals in Duck, NC

Sea-Doo Rentals

  • Ride the new Sea-Doo GTX Pro!
  • Up to 3 passengers
  • No charge for additional passengers
  • Rental, fuel, life vest and instruction

Ride in our huge ride area with the latest jet skis from Sea-Doo (we update our fleet every year)! Rates include fuel, cleaned and sanitized life vests, and instruction.

1 Hour $119 per jet ski
3/4 Hour $99 per jet ski
1/2 Hour $79 per jet ski
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Sea-Doo Tours

  • A truly epic adventure
  • Ride the latest Sea-Doo GTX Pro
  • Up to 2 people per jet ski
  • Previous experience highly recommended
  • Explore a giant maze of islands in the sound

Escape the crowds on this epic, fast pace journey through a massive labyrinth of islands in the secluded northern sound. Explore the shores of Dew’s Island in search of wildlife and other places boats just can’t reach. Drivers must be 18 or older.

1 1/2 hours $250 per Jet Ski
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Nor’Banks is a proud member of the Uncharted Society, offering the latest SeaDoo’s from BRP. Find out more…



Jet Ski FAQTour Information
How old do you need to be to drive your own jet ski?

You must be at least 16 years old with a valid photo ID to drive by yourself. 16 and 17 year old drivers with ID can drive by themselves or with a parent. Only adults aged 18 or older can rent a jet ski. Riders under 16 need a parent or legal guardian present when renting. Riders, aged 14 to 15 with proof of age, can drive with a responsible adult as a passenger. Drivers must be 18 or older to participate in a Jet Ski Tour.

Can my child ride with me?

Absolutely! While there is no minimum age or weight requirement, we recommend riders be at least 5 years old. Just note that children cannot sit in front of the driver for their safety. As long as a child can comfortably hold on behind the driver (or in between two adults), they can ride along!

How many people can ride on a jet ski at one time?

All our jet skis are 3-seaters with a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. Depending on weather and water conditions, we may reduce the number of riders and weight capacity for your safety.

For the Jet Ski Tours, we allow two riders per jet ski.

How large is the riding area?

Our jet ski rental freeride area is one of the largest on the island, and you can ride uninterrupted for over 1 mile in any direction!

If you want to cover more ground and explore secret islands around Duck, book our Jet Ski Tour.

Will my sunglasses or hat fall off?

Our motto is, “If you don’t want to lose it, don’t bring it!” If you want to wear your sunglasses, we sell Croakies in our shop to keep them from flying away. You can lock all other valuables in your car and leave the keys safely with our crew.

Will I get wet?

Oh yeah! You’ll step into waist-deep water to board your jet ski and experience some spray while riding. That’s just part of the fun!

What type of jet skis do you rent?

We purchase new Sea-Doo GTX Pro models each year. These are comfortable for up to 3 riders with a top speed of about 55 mph depending on the weight of the riders and the conditions.

What's the difference between a Sea-Doo, a WaveRunner and a Jet Ski?

Jet ski is the colloquial term most of us use for a personal watercraft or “PWC.” Jet Ski (with caps), WaveRunner and Sea-Doo are all specific models. What’s up with all the names? Kawasaki released the first commercially successful PWC in 1972 and called it the Jet Ski. These were small, single-person stand-up skis. In 1986, Yamaha released its sit-down, tandem-rider WaveRunners; and two years later, Bombardier (now BRP) released the Sea-Doo, their personal watercraft with an innovative V-Hull design. At Nor’Banks, we rent the latest Sea-Doos from BRP—the most reliable PWCs on the market.


This is one of the coolest things you can do anywhere on the Outer Banks! As a true adventure, this ride is not for just anybody. As we explore the Currituck Sound, we may encounter various conditions, including choppy water and hot or cold weather, depending on the time of year. Riders must be in good health, able-bodied and capable of handling their jet skis in varying conditions. All participants must be comfortable in the water and able to climb onto the back platform of a jet ski in deep water. If you have any questions about whether this is a suitable activity for your party, please call us at 252-261-2900.


For our Jet Ski Tours, we limit each jet ski to 2 passengers and a maximum weight of 400 pounds. This may change depending on weather and water conditions. All passengers must sit behind the driver and be strong enough to hold on tightly. For both riders’ safety, passengers cannot sit in front of the driver. Prior experience is strongly recommended.



1314 Duck Road Duck, NC 27949
252-261-2900 (Watersports Info)
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