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Wake/Ski/Tubing Trips

Up to six participants can Wakeboard, Waterski, Kneeboard and Tube in Any Combination!

Our wakeboard and waterski trips include all of your favorite activities, all equipment and any instruction you require.

You can also customize your adventure based on the specific interests of your party!

1.5 Hours $395
additional 30 mins $125
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Tubing Trips

tubing trips

Start a new vacation tradition with a family boat trip that’s guaranteed to please everyone!

We can take up to six riders and/or observers on the tubing boat at a time and we have tubes to accommodate from one to three riders.

Take multiple turns and fine tune your ride from mild to wild.

1 Hour – Up to Six Passengers $275
1.5 Hours – Up to 12 * $400
2 Hours – Up to 18* $525
2.5 Hours – Up to 24* $650

*Please note, the Watersports Boat has a capacity of Six Passengers plus the Captain at any given time. Larger groups will switch out at the pier.

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Tube/Wake/Ski FAQCombo TripsTubingSpecials
How does the tubing work?

Our most common activity on the watersports boat is tubing.  The minimum time is 60 minutes for $250 and we can take up to six at a time on the boat. If you have 7-12 people you can book 1.5 hours and switch half way through. If you have 13-18 passengers you can book at least 2 hours and split the time three ways.

We book trips on the hour. 60 minutes is your total time on the water. You’ll get roughly 50 minutes of tubing depending on the conditions.

What if I want to go tubing but not go too fast?

We can do mild rides or go wild and crazy . . . it’s up to you! You’ll give the driver hand signals from the tube to indicate your preference.

How many people can be on the tube at once?

Up to three can ride the tube at a time and we’ll switch the groups out several times so that everyone gets multiple turns.

What is the minimum age to tube?

Our tube is large and stable and we can go nice and slow for small children. . . we’ve had children as young as 2 go out with a parent! We just ask that you use your best judgement and that your child is comfortable in the water.

Do you teach wakeboarding and waterskiing?

Yes! Our captains are also instructors. Keep in mind that it takes at least  20-30 minutes for each individual to try each new activity and plan accordingly.

How old do you have to be to learn to wakeboard or waterski?

Though it’s really specific to each individual, typically 12 is the minimum age we like to teach in this environment. Younger children typically take longer to learn and learn better in a camp setting where they can take their time over several days. We are happy to teach anybody, but it’s especially important to set realistic expectations and allow the proper amount of time for success.

In this setting we recommend teaching those that are determined to learn and encourage everyone else to ride the tube. Unless enough time is allotted, it can be difficult to get a child comfortable in the water when they are tentative about the activity to begin with, whereas tubing is fun and easy for everyone.

I have six people and they all want to tube and learn to kneeboard, wakeboard and waterski. How much time do I need?

About two weeks! We suggest that everyone choose just one activity in addition to tubing and schedule 30 minutes per person. I.e. For six people to learn to wakeboard or waterski and get some time on the tube, you’ll need three hours.

If you don’t want to book 30 minutes each we recommend you stick to tubing for a guaranteed smile on everyone’s face. Up to three people can ride the tube at a time and it really maximizes everyone’s time on the water.

Each trip is customized for your group! Typically everyone will take turns riding our three person tube across the sound to our secluded wakeboarding and waterskiing area where we provide you with the best wake and ski equipment from O’Brien and any instruction you might need. When the skiers and riders have had their fill, we’ll tube all the way back to Nor’ Banks.

Scheduling your time:

Choose your time below based on the number of wakeboarders and waterskiers in your party. Each charter can take up to six total participants, tube riders and observers. Choose the number of wakeboarding and waterskiing participants, and the remainder of your party can join to observe and ride the tube for no extra charge!

  • 1-2 Beginners or 2 Experienced Riders - 1.5 Hours
  • 2-3 Beginners or 3-4 Experienced Riders  - 2 Hours
  • 3-4 Beginners or 5-6 Experienced Riders - 2.5 Hours
  • 5-6 Beginners or Multiple Activities for Experienced Riders - 3 Hours

Who Can Ride?

This is a trip that’s guaranteed to please the whole family! We can take up to six riders and/or observers on the tubing boat at a time and we have tubes to accommodate from one to three riders. Take multiple turns and fine tune your ride from mild to wild. However do remember we may have to plan around the weather and surface conditions (especially if you want a mild ride). Booking early in the week is always a good idea!

Scheduling your time:

  • 6 or fewer participants-  1 hour
  • 6 to 12 participants - 1.5-2 hours (we switch out at the Nor’ Banks pier)
  • 13-18 participants  2-2.5 hour (we switch twice at the pier)


Wake/Ski/Tubing Specials:
MT25 for $25 off on Monday & Tuesday

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