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Intro to SUP Clinic

The One Hour Stand Up Paddleboard Clinic is a perfect introduction to paddle boarding for beginners. Our location has waist deep water with a sandy bottom, making it the perfect place to learn.

Steer away from bad paddle habits as our instructors ensure your experience is safe and enjoyable.  You’ll be standing up on the water before you know it!

One Hour $45 per person
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SUP Rentals

SUP rental

All rentals come with PFD’s and paddles. We have a huge selection of boards and paddles to accommodate just about anyone.

Nor’Banks has a great location for paddling with a beach to launch from, warm, shallow water and a nice stretch of undeveloped coastline directly to our south. Our staff will give you all the equipment and instruction you need to enjoy your paddle, or you can sign up for our Intro to SUP Clinic.

First Hour $30
Additional Hour $15
Offsite From $75 for 48 hours
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Mirage Eclipse

Mirage Eclipse

 The Mirage Eclipse from Hobie is a new kind of stand-up paddle board. Hobie’s Mirage Drive,  engineering that has revolutionized the kayak industry, has been adapted to the world of SUPs.

The Drive enables you to power the board with a stair-stepping motion and the handlebar setup allows you to turn quickly and easily. A board that is more stable and easier to use than a traditional SUP, with twice the speed!

First hr $40
Additional hr $20
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Are there age restrictions?

Not strictly, but there are some common sense limitations based on a child’s strength and agility. As a general rule of thumb children of about age 12 can handle a single on a calm day. Younger children of any age can ride along, but keep in mind you may be paddling for two.

Can I take them off site?

Yes, we do offer off-site rentals provided we have availability. Priority is given to onsite rentals and we’ll keep them onsite if we’re getting low.

Do you deliver?

Delivery is available on orders over $100 from Southern Shores to Pine Island. Pine Island is the first big development in Corolla, about 10 minutes north of Nor’Banks. Our ability to pick up and deliver may be compromised by Saturday traffic.

Do you rent paddles?

Paddle only rentals are $10 per day or $50 for the week.

Do you rent life jackets?

PFDs are $5 a day or $25 for the week.

Can we bring our own life jackets?

Yes! You may use your own life vest as long as it is Coast Guard approved. Please see our staff in the office for life vest approval before heading out on the water.

Can I launch my kayak or SUP here?

Customers of Nor’Banks may launch and park here (e.g. if they want to rent one and launch one). Neighbors may launch, but as a rule we ask them not to park on site.

Non customer parking onsite is $10 per vehicle and subject to availability. Customers of Nor’Banks and The Village take precedence and if we are busy or likely to be busy, we won’t be able to facilitate parking for kayak and SUP launching. Please give us a call at 252-261-2900 before you head over.

There is a public kayak and SUP launch in Duck by the town hall.

Where can I go?

We ask you to stay up wind, closer to shore and within site distance, about 1.5 miles from our location. There is a nice stretch of undeveloped land to the south and to the north there are some beautiful soundside homes. We may impose more specific limitations based on the current conditions.

Are adults required to wear life jackets for Kayaks and SUP?

Yes, everyone is required to wear a life jacket regardless of age.

Will I fall off the SUP

Beginners often fall. Be prepared to fall into the water as falling onto the board or trying to grab it as you fall can result in injury. If you are nervous about falling off, consider trying our SUP clinic where our staff will work with you on best SUP practices.

How many people can go out on one sup board?

You can put 1 or 2 people on an SUP

Are dogs allowed on the kayaks and SUP?

Yes! Keep in mind that we do not provide pet life vests.

1314 Duck Road Duck, NC 27949
252-261-2900 (Watersports Info)
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