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Another Awesome Duck Cup

Duck Cup 2015

“What a blast”, “Can’t wait until next year”, “One of our favorite events of the year”, “Who left the $%^& sprinklers on?” these are some of the comments that we heard after this year’s amazing Duck Cup. The Duck Cup began in the 80’s with a bunch of catamaran sailors on the Outer Banks, took a brief hiatus and returned in the 90’s and has been going strong ever since. The Duck Cup is always different as we make decisions on racecourses and formats based on weather, tides, wildfires, storms etc. This year we worked with EMSA and Division 9 to work this event into their point series.

The first day 28 Beach Cats did 2 laps from the Currituck Sound Bridge due to the tides and wind direction making sailing to the Currituck Lighthouse not a very desirable option. It became 24 miles of upwind/downwind racing in winds ranging from 8-14 knots. It was a long day and everyone was tired, but not too tired to enjoy some great food from High Cotton and Lori’s famous beergaritas. Charles Thuman and Jon Britt took line honors on their Tornado, but wound up in third corrected behind Phillippe and Dee Dee Laurent on their F-16 and Mark and Hannah Williams on their H-16.

Winds were up on Sunday and all the tired sailors were happy to see a shorter distance race in 15-18 knots of breeze and flat water. The course was a big reaching course right off the town of Duck and it was quite a show from shore. The Hobie 16’s ruled the day and took the top 6 spots corrected while Phillippe and Dee Dee took line honors.

28 boats entered the Duck Cup and 25 finished both days.   Carter and Max corrected into 3rd place overall on their H-16, Phillippe and Dee Dee Laurent finished in 2nd overall on their F-16 and Mark and Hannah Williams were the Winners of the 2015 Duck Cup.   We would like to make a special shout out to Carter and Max since they were not recognized at the awards.  Race committee (me) made a mistake in the calculations which was discovered on Monday.  Sorry.

The Duck Cup is an old school catamaran event with great camaraderie, an eclectic mixture of sailors and boats, most everyone camping on site and just an overall good time. We had Worrell 1000 veterans, accomplished buoy racers, new sailors, youth sailors as both crews and skippers and good participation from our quickly growing A-Cat fleet on the Outer Banks.

Come join us at next year’s Duck Cup the weekend of June 11-12, 2016.


Day 1#CaptainCrewClassRatingElapsedCorrected Time
1318Philippe LaurentDeeDee LaurentF-1664.5199.1308.68
2113886Mark WilliamsHannah WilliamsH-1678.7246.67313.43
3851Charles ThumanJon BrittTorn60.5192.22317.72
4113592Carter LucasRachel LucasH-1678.7252.83321.25
54568Greg Johnson N50073.22242.17330.74
6104613Lloyd GravesKiel BolleroH-1678.7260.5331
715Dan Berger SC-1574.7248.2332.63
83787Bill SheltonMegan SheltonH-1678.7264.25335.76
9112205Mark Van DorenMax LucasH-1678.7265.17336.93
1042Todd Hard A-Cat65.5224.3341.92
11102Mac McCallumMartie McCallumF-1664.5221.93344.07
121423Dean DiLillo N5.869.3241.63348.67
13108616Carter Paradis H-1676.33267.2350
14103Zach GrosseJillian ReschN5.772.2254.07351.89
15717Derek BinkleyAllison BinkleyF-1664.5232.98361.2
16500Robert PetersHardy PetersI-2060.2221.52367.97
17234Zander Stewart A-Cat65.5242.07369
18194Simon Rees A-Cat65.5247.02376.55
19105Oliver Ross 47481307379.01
2023Ryan Boyle A-Cat65.5250.5381.85
21FLADick Hitchcock Weta78.5307391
22286Jon DeDoer A-Cat65.5258.62394.23
2376909James AutryEvan WilliamsH-1678.7322.57409.87
24103Andy Squint H-1871.29293.93412.3
2557Ebor Ross N5.571.9319.2443.94
261488Kip DavisDavid JonesN5.869.3320.12461.93
27104Matt GiffordByron GiffordN5.869.3333.18480.77
2887972Ray Midgett H-1678.7DNFDNF
Day 2#CaptainCrewClassRatingElapsedCorrected Time
1104613Lloyd GravesKiel BolleroH-1678.754.1868.84
2113886Mark WilliamsHannah WilliamsH-1678.754.3869.10
376909James AutryEvan WilliamsH-1678.755.5570.58
4112205Mark Van DorenMax LucasH-1678.756.1271.31
53787Bill SheltonMegan SheltonH-1678.75772.43
6113592Carter LucasRachel LucasH-1678.757.5373.10
71423Dean DiLillo N5.869.352.275.32
8108616Carter Paradis H-1676.335875.99
915Dan Berger SC-1574.756.7876.01
10103Zach GrosseJillian ReschN5.772.255.6877.12
11318Philippe LaurentDeeDee LaurentF-1664.551.479.69
124568Greg Johnson N50073.2258.7380.21
131488Kip DavisDavid JonesN5.869.358.2784.08
14717Derek BinkleyAllison BinkleyF-1664.554.384.19
15104Matt GiffordByron GiffordN5.869.358.8284.88
16103Andy Squint H-1871.2960.8585.36
17FLADick Hitchcock Weta78.568.0386.66
18851Charles ThumanJon BrittTorn60.552.4586.69
19286Jon DeDoer A-Cat65.657.3287.38
2023Ryan Boyle A-Cat65.657.4387.55
21234Zander Stewart A-Cat65.657.4587.58
22102Mac McCallumMartie McCallumF-1664.558.0890.05
23105Oliver Ross 4748173.5790.83
2457Ebor Ross N 5.571.965.4791.06
2542Todd Hart A-Cat65.6DNSDNS
26500Robert PetersHardy PetersI-2060.2DNSDNS
27194Simon Rees A-Cat65.6DNSDNS
2887972Ray Midgett H-1676.33DNSDNS
1113886Mark WilliamsHannah WilliamsH-1678.7382.53 
2318Philippe LaurentDeeDee LaurentF-1664.5388.37 
3113592Carter LucasRachel LucasH-1678.7394.35 
4104613Lloyd GravesKiel BolleroH-1678.7399.84 
5851Charles ThumanJon BrittT60.5404.41 
63787Bill SheltonMegan SheltonH-1678.7408.19 
7112205Mark Van DorenMax LucasH-1678.7408.24 
815Dan BergerSC-1574.7408.64 
94568Greg JohnsonN50073.22410.95 
101423Dean DiLilloN5.869.3423.99 
11108616Carter ParadisH-1676.33425.99 
12103Zach GrosseJillian ReschN5.772.2429.01 
13102Mac McCallumMartie McCallumF-1664.5434.12 
14717Derek BinkleyAllison BinkleyF-1664.5436.08 
15234Zander StewartA-Cat65.6456.58 
1623Ryan BoyleA-Cat65.6469.40 
17FLADick HitchcockWeta78.5477.66 
1876909James AutryEvan WilliamsH-1678.7480.45 
19286Jon DeDoerA-Cat65.6481.61 
20103Andy SquintH-1871.29497.66 
21105Oliver Ross47481534.77 
2257Ebor Ross N5.571.9535.00 
231488Kip DavisDavid JonesN5.869.3546.01 
24104Matt GiffordByron GiffordN5.869.3565.65 
2542Todd Hart A-Cat65.6  
26194Simon ReesA-Cat65.6  
27500Robert PetersHardy PetersI-2060.2  
2887972Ray MidgettH-1676.33  


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